Pipe Section

EnSave Rockwool Sectional Pipes (SPI) has a controlled thickness and uniform density. The sections are supplied split hinged for easy assembly. EnSave Pre formed Sectional Pipes are used over a wide temperature range for Hot & Cold air, water, Steam, & Oil Pipe lines. It is highly applicable for industrial steam and process pipe lines in refineries, Chemical Plants, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Solvent Plants. Power Plants etc. SPI can be used in industrial as well as non industrial applications.
 Product Specifications
 Product Spec  IS 9842:1994, ASTM C 547
 Service Temp  -50oC  to 750oC
 Size   1000 mm
 Nominal Bores  21.3 mm to 406.4 mm (1/2" to 16")
 Thickness  25 mm  to 100 mm
 Density   144 kg/M3 to  250 kg/M3
 Facing  Without Facing Aluminium Foil
 Packing  Eco friendly 5 Ply Cardboard Box


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Insulation pays off

Industry accounts for 26% of annual energy consumption and almost 40% of total energy-related C02 emissions. Over recent decades, industrial energy efficiency has improved and C02 intensity declined in many sectors. But this progress has been offset by growing industrial production worldwide. Projections of future energy use and emissions show that without decisive action, these trends will continue. Energy prices will continue to rise.