EnSave Rockwool Characteristics

Biologically Inert
EnSave Rockwool products are inorganic biologically inert material made out of selected rocks that forms unfavourable media for the growth of bacteria, vermin and pests.


Compatible with Building materials
EnSave Rockwool products mainly consists of silica and calcium oxides which is found in most construction material, thus it is more suitable to use it with building material.


No Health Hazard
EnSave Rockwool products are non inhalable and are asbestos free, thus it causes no health hazards,, EnSave Rockwool products are classified as non carcinogenic to humans


Environment Friendly
No harmful industrial pollutants are produced from Hi-Tec Rock Fibre Pvt. Ltd.'s production process. The waste in the process is recycled, the exhaust gases from the production process are treated and reduced to the international limits, the use Hi-Tec Rock Fibres EnSave Rockwool Insulation significantly reduced the energy consumption in the process.





  • Resin Bonded Slabs

    EnSave Rockwool Resin Bonded (RB) Slabs are manufactured for Thermal & Acoustical insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces...»

  • Light Resin Bonded Mattresses

    EnSave Rockwool Lightly Resin Bonded (LRB) Mattresses are made form fine fibres of Rockwool. EnSave LRB Mattresses are flexible...»

  • Pipe Section

    EnSave Rockwool Sectional Pipes (SPI) has a controlled thickness and uniform density...»

  • Loose Wool

    EnSave Loose Wool having exceptionally long fibres and superior technical properties is recommended for thermal and acoustical insulation application to meet severe service condition...»


Insulation pays off

Industry accounts for 26% of annual energy consumption and almost 40% of total energy-related C02 emissions. Over recent decades, industrial energy efficiency has improved and C02 intensity declined in many sectors. But this progress has been offset by growing industrial production worldwide. Projections of future energy use and emissions show that without decisive action, these trends will continue. Energy prices will continue to rise.
EnSave Rockwool for Thermal Insulation
EnSave Rockwool for Fire Control
EnSave Rockwool for Acoustic Control