Welcome to Hi-Tec Rock Fibre

Hi-Tec Rock Fibre Pvt. Ltd.,  an  ISO  9001  Certified  Company specialized in manufacturing of High Quality Thermal Insulation Rockwool Products. Established with an estimated installed capacity of 20000 MTPA, we market our high quality products Light Resin Bonded Mattress (LRB) & Resin Bonded Slabs (RB) under our brand “EnSave”.

EnSave Rockwool Fibre Insulation is being manufactured with extremely stable composition to withstand all condition of environmental aggression & personnel handling. Our In-house laboratory with highly sophisticated equipments & well knowledge expertise ensure that EnSave Rockwool Products meets Domestic & International Standards.

It can be confidently said that EnSave Rockwool Products are manufactured to provide Outstanding Performance & Sustainable Solutions on the grounds of Thermal, Acoustic & fire control. Centrally located & well connected by all means of transport we are capable of catering to all our clients throughout the country within the delivery time agreed on.

Our Ease of Work  programme  provides smooth operations allowing us to plan and ensure timely delivery. Our customers can rest assured of highest quality material which comes without any compromise and can also rely on for maximum quantity.

We are looking forward to make long term business associates in industries, Power Plants, Boilers, Furnace, Refineries, Foundries, Steel Plants, Acoustic Applications, Cement, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Petroleum Storages, Sugar Plants, Real Estate Developers & Contractors.


  • Resin Bonded Slabs

    EnSave Rockwool Resin Bonded (RB) Slabs are manufactured for Thermal & Acoustical insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces...»

  • Light Resin Bonded Mattresses

    EnSave Rockwool Lightly Resin Bonded (LRB) Mattresses are made form fine fibres of Rockwool. EnSave LRB Mattresses are flexible...»

  • Pipe Section

    EnSave Rockwool Sectional Pipes (SPI) has a controlled thickness and uniform density...»

  • Loose Wool

    EnSave Loose Wool having exceptionally long fibres and superior technical properties is recommended for thermal and acoustical insulation application to meet severe service condition...»


Insulation pays off

Industry accounts for 26% of annual energy consumption and almost 40% of total energy-related C02 emissions. Over recent decades, industrial energy efficiency has improved and C02 intensity declined in many sectors. But this progress has been offset by growing industrial production worldwide. Projections of future energy use and emissions show that without decisive action, these trends will continue. Energy prices will continue to rise.